Food and Drink to Stop Kidney Stones – Part 1

by mcoren8387
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In this series of articles, I am going to tell you about food and drink to stop kidney stones. I am going to tell you about home treatment for kidney stone pain and home remedies for passing a kidney stone. You are going to learn a vegetable home remedy for kidney stones, with herbs to reduce kidney stones.

This article could be enough to cure your kidney stones

Just this article by itself could be enough to cure your kidney stones for good. Of all the home remedies for passing a kidney stone, this one is the most valuable.

First check your water and exercise

Before you think about the food in your diet, first check yourself to be sure that 1) you are drinking 3 quarts of pure water per day, and 2) you are exercising to the equivalent of an hour or more of walking. This is the absolute primary home remedy for kidney stone pain.

The one key nutrient in kidney stones

Recent research has shown that all, repeat ALL, degenerative diseases are caused by a lack of calcium in the diet. Heart disease, gallstones, kidney stones, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and many, many more diseases are all caused by lack of dietary calcium.

I am going to say it one more time kidney stones are caused by lack of calcium!

“But my doctor told me to cut out calcium, because my stones are made of calcium.”

It doesn’t matter. If you stop eating calcium, it does not prevent kidneystones. Low blood-calcium actually causes kidney stones.

Meanwhile, your body takes the missing calcium out of your other organs, such as your bones. Your blood calcium level will always remain the same. So by cutting out calcium, you would be robbing your other organs, and likely causing yourself to get the other degenerative diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

So I should eat more dairy produce?

It depends upon your blood’s type. Typically, if you have kidney stones, your blood’s type is A.

If your blood’s type is A, then you should not eat much dairy produce. And when you do eat it you should choose from this list:

farmer cheese


lowfat mozzarella

lowfat ricotta

string cheese

goat’s cheese (feta)

goat’s milk


Just about every other form of dairy produce would be harmful to you, if your blood’s type is A. This means also you ought to avoid butter.

If your blood’s type is B or AB, then eat all dairy produce, but especially from the list above. Anything not on that list is not so great for you, is ok, but not really desirable. The list above is good for you.

Type AB also benefits from cottage cheese.

Of course I am assuming that you already know that pasteurized milk is deadly, that only raw milk is wholesome.

If your blood’s type is O, then you ought to avoid dairy produce altogether, or else keep it to a tiny minimum.

Everybody ought to get calcium from vegetables as much as possible. If your blood’s type is A or O, then you have to be especially canny about choosing your vegetables to be sure that you get calcium aplenty into your mouth.

Here is the list. This is your vegetable home remedy for kidney stones:


o Cod

o Tofu

o Lima beans

o Soybeans

o White beans

o Navy beans

o Black turtle beans

o Red kidney beans

o Split peas

o Halibut

o Rockfish

o Sardines

o Salmon

o Trout


o Almonds

o Beet greens

o Carrot juice

o Mustard greens

o Potatoes with skins

o Rhubarb

o Seaweeds (sea vegetables)

o Spinach

o Squash, winter

o Sweet potatoes with skins

o Tomato juice

o Tomato puree

o Tomato sauce

o Winter squash


o Apricots

o Bananas

o Cantaloupe

o Oranges

o Figs

o Honeydew

o Plantains (fruit)

o Peaches

o Prune juice

o Prunes


o Unsulphured blackstrap molasses

o Amaranth


Source by Tru Keesey

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