The Top 5 Natural Products For Beating Helicobacter Pylori

by mcoren8387
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Many herbs, nutrients and foods are believed to help to inhibit and possibly eradicate H pylori. However it is common to find huge differences in the quality of products containing these herbs that leaves consumers confused and frustrated. The following five products have all been used by doctors and naturally orientated practitioners with great effect:

Matula Herbal Formula

Matula Herbal Formula is herbal tea comprised of a blend of herbs that grow in a small geographical area in the Cape Mountains of South Africa. The Matula is packaged into teabags. You simply make a cup of tea twice daily and drink it on an empty stomach. Because it is a highly specialized product, Matula must be ordered online and is not available I stores, unless the store has an agreement with the company to buy and resell the product.


Gastromend-HP� is an excellent product that is based on mastic gum. It is manufactured by the US company Designs for Health. Rather than simply put mastic gum in the capsules, Designs for Health have also added vitamin U, vitamin C and DGL for their antimicrobial activity against H pylori and their ability to heal the stomach and intestinal lining. Gastromend-HP� also contains zinc-l-carnosine. The inclusion of these substances means that you do not need to buy separate bottles of each product, which helps to keep the cost of your stomach cleanse down and also makes the cleanse more convenient. Gastromend HP can be ordered from the US and UK and is not restricted in countries such as Australia, where import regulations are very strict.


Mastica is an excellent brand of pure Mastic Gum, manufactured by Allergy Research Group. It is a product of the very highest quality and is recommende by many practitioners to help ingibit the growth of the H pylori bacteria.


Bio-HPF is an excellent supplement made by Biotics Research Corporation. It contains bismuth citrate and berberine, which may inhibit H pylori. The product also contains DGL and several other herbs that have been shown to support the lining of the digestive tract. Bio-HPF can be ordered from the US and UK and is not restricted in countries such as Australia, where import regulations are very strict. Interestingly bismuth is also used in medical treatments for H pylori. Taking bismuth may turn the stool a darker colour.


Broccomax is a supplement from Jarrow Formulas that contains broccoli extract. You may recall that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane, which has been shown to have antimicrobial activity against H pylori. This product can be purchased from the US and UK and is not restricted in countries such as Australia, where import regulations are very strict.


The author has no financial ties whatsoever with the manufacturers of the above products and is recommending them based on his extensive experience in helping thousands of people worldwide over the symptoms associated with H pylori infection.


Although the products mentioned in this article are of excellent quality, one of the challenges in using them is knowing how to take them for maximum impact. It is important to take the right amount of each product, at the right time of day, with or without food and for the optimal length of time. The manufacturer’s instructions on supplement labels are very conservative and in many cases will not be potent enough to eradicate the H pylori. The author recommends, therefore, that you seek professional assistance if you intend to use any of the products presented here.


Source by Dave Hompes

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