Reflux Cure – Apples and Apple Cider Vinegar Are Effective Reflux Cures?

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There are numerous acid reflux home remedies that promise results but what is the most effective reflux cure? Obviously, this is a difficult question to answer because many remedies work for one person and don’t for another but many natural health researchers continue to point to apples!

But before you go and buy a bag of apples, you should learn the basics behind apples, apple cider vinegar and antacids. Far too many reflux sufferers naively take antacid after antacid and cause more harm than good.

If you suffer from acid reflux once a month, take an antacid! If you suffer from acid reflux more than once a week, learn how to naturally cure your reflux problem with a reflux remedy that cures the problem and not the symptoms.

Cure the Problem and Not the Symptoms

Before you learn about apples and apple cider vinegar, it is important to know why antacids could ruin your health. Health education has always told us that everything should be done in moderation. And the same holds true with antacids.

Antacids work because they neutralize refluxed stomach acids (this is curing the symptom and not the problem). However, over time antacids could become harmful to your health if taken for an extended period of time. (Look at back label and notice that you should NOT take for more than 2 weeks or 14 days.) Most antacids contain excessive amounts of minerals such as sodium, aluminum, calcium and magnesium which can cause mineral imbalances in the body. These imbalances are so serious that the FDA put a warning on these antacids because of the links to cancer, hypertension and even Alzheimer ‘s disease. But there is a better option!

You can cure the problem with natural remedies. Researched natural remedies work because they work to cure the problem behind acid reflux, bile reflux, GERD and heartburn. If you suffer from any of the above, you most likely have a damaged lower esophageal sphincter and esophagus.

The sphincter is a muscle flap that sits atop the stomach which opens and closes to allow food in. An unhealthy sphincter can also allow stomach acid to be refluxed out. An esophagus is the tube that carries the food to the stomach. An unhealthy sphincter is common for reflux suffers.

And here is how you heal both your sphincter and esophagus and eventually cure your reflux problem. (Not the symptoms!)

Apples and Apple Cider Vinegar are Simple Reflux Cures

1. Apples are everywhere! You can find this delicious fruit everywhere from a grocery store to a gas station to even your backyard. And an apple is one of the simplest cures to treat acid reflux. Before your next reflux attack, try an apple instead of an antacid. Substitute an apple for an antacid.

For more information on this cure, read about why Bob Barton has been eating an apple a day since 70s. Visit our website today.

2. Did you know that many acid reflux cases are actually caused by too little acid in your stomach? This makes sense too. If there is too little acid in your stomach, the food and gas will be in your stomach longer without getting properly digested. And since apple cider vinegar is very acidic, it will aid in the digestion process and cure reflux before it starts.

Now What?

We recommend carrying a few slices of a red apple in a zip lock bag. We also recommend drinking a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water with a squeeze of honey to hide taste. Both of these simple remedies could help you cure your reflux!


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