8 Foods To Enjoy On An Acid Reflux Diet

by mcoren8387
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You already know what foods you need to avoid on your acid reflux diet, but you may not be entirely familiar with foods that you can enjoy without having to worry about causing symptoms.

Not only can you eat these foods, they can also help to stop reflux attacks as they happen. You can eat them each day as part of your acid reflux diet because they are very healthy and won’t cause excess acid:

* Ginger – fresh ginger can be purchased at your local grocery store and can be sliced, grated or chopped, and added into meals that you are cooking or added into a drink. Ginger has been used historically to deal with stomach issues and to reduce nausea symptoms.

* Salad – a meal in a bowl, basically, that can be concocted from any number of fresh vegetables and fruits with various toppings. Avoid adding heavy ingredients like cheese and creamy or oily salad dressings.

* Fennel – a unique vegetable that has a bulb and a top, much like a carrot. The root area can be sliced and eaten in a salad, as can the tops. Fennel has a unique taste, like black licorice, and is extremely useful for calming stomach acids.

* Poultry – namely turkey, chicken or game hen – suitable for those who are on an acid reflux diet because the meat is light and low in fat. Do not eat the skin, because it is very high in fat.

* Aloe Vera – can be purchased in health food stores in liquid form, or can be harvested fresh from your own house plant. The gelatinous interior of the leaves can be added to drinks or meals or used in a tea.

* Bananas and Melons – fruits that are seemingly designed for people on an acid reflux diet.

* Shellfish, such as lobster, prawns and scallops are low in fat and extremely nutritional. Preparation is the key, so broil or bake or barbecue them, and never dip them in melted butter or fry them.

* Parsley – an herb that seems unassuming, but can be added to just about anything that you are eating. It is especially helpful in reducing stomach acids.

Just because you have to change the way that you eat on an acid reflux diet does not mean that you have to sacrifice taste. Many of the foods that do not cause reflux are even more tasty than the foods you have to stop eating.


Source by Josh A Parker

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