5 Highly Alkaline Foods That Can Help Cure Your GERD, Acid Reflux Or Heartburn

by mcoren8387
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You want to know how to cure your GERD? Know how and what to eat.

Food choice is essential for those who want to naturally cure their GERD. The selection of the type of food and the quantity of which it is consumed in a regular basis will help relieve acidity symptoms and prevent further aggravation from occurring. You should be able to have an acid-alkaline food chart at all times (these can be easily found in the internet by a simple search), as this will aid you a lot during the treatment stage. For the record, you will find that most of these foods listed below are in the fruit and vegetable category.

1. Lemons – contrary to the public notion that they are acidic, lemons are in fact alkaline. Very alkaline. 2 lemons a day is good for you and some people have opted to gradually increase their consumption daily (lemon therapy). Although others have found that it does not work well for their stomach (but not for acidity reasons), it does not discount the fact that this fruit helps.

2. Apples – you’ve heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, if you are experiencing acid reflux and have had multiple visits to the hospital, there is definitely truth to this timeless saying. Rich in antioxidants, 1-2 apples daily can go a long way in relieving a problematic stomach. You can consume the first between breakfast and lunch, and the second one between lunch and dinner. Treat it as a snack. Personally, I have stuck to this fruit strategy until now.

3. Mangoes – this fruit is very alkaline as well, and you can combine it with any of the first two fruits mentioned. Besides its antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, the mango is a fruit with a superb taste!

4. Spinach – for those of you who are familiar with the cartoon character, “Popeye the Sailor”, I am most certain that he did not have a history of GERD. This vegetable contains a great deal of vitamins and most importantly minerals – which can restore pH balance, especially if you are suffering from high acidity (which prompts your immune system to get minerals from other parts of your body).

5. Watercress – here’s a highly alkaline vegetable that’s often overlooked in the supermarket. Again, like spinach it is highly nutritious and serves as a natural mineral supplement.

You can also increase your chances of recovering from any digestive problem, if you combine your natural alkaline-rich diet with other natural ways of treatment.


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