GERD is a Serious Medical Condition – If Not Treated Effectively Can Lead to Surgical Procedures

by mcoren8387
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If you started out with indigestion; that progressed to heartburn and then acid reflux and now has finally advanced to GERD you to need to seriously consider taking action and getting this under control immediately.

Otherwise, this could possibly lead to Barrett’s Esophagus, surgery to correct your esophagus or LES, surgery to remove your esophagus completely or in the worst case scenario cancer.

You have let yourself advance way past the point of experiencing a little pain now and then; and placed yourself in a situation that could eventually lead to a life threatening situation.

The sad part of this circumstance is that in most cases the patients with GERD have created this condition themselves by over indulging by consuming the wrong foods, over-eating, smoking, drinking or lack of exercise.

The good new is that the damage done to both you LES and esophagus can be healed, just as a wound on your skin will eventually heal over time. But, this will not happen without you making life-style changes.

There are all-natural treatment programs that have been proven to be very successfully at fully curing GERD and allowing the patient to return to a normal pain free life once again. These remedies, if followed to the letter will end the pain you are feeling immediately and it will be permanent as long as you maintain the recommendations suggest in the program.

Once you stop the pain, this means you will have stopped acid, food and other digestive juices from being refluxed or regurgitated back up you LES and esophagus and they will eventually heal themselves over time. It is all in your hands know, either make small life style adjustments or live a painful miserable life forever, or in the worst case situation live a much shorter life because you would not make these small modifications to the way you go about your life.


Source by William R. Alheim, Jr.

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