Reasons Why Your Stomach Ulcer Won’t Heal

by mcoren8387
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Here are some possible reasons why you may still be suffering from stomach ulcers and what steps you could take to help cure your stomach ulcer.

1.) If you’ve returned back to the same old eating habits as before your stomach ulcer ordeal, your digestive system will become clogged up in no time, forcing your stomach to produce an excess of acid.

2.) The prescribed medication didn’t address the issue of Helicobacter infection, so the main culprit is still there.

Whether or not the helicobacter pylori bacteria are directly responsible for stomach ulcers or not is still under debate, but they are certainly responsible for worsening and prolonging the ulceration.

They thrive on stomach acid, so an over acidic digestive system makes them feel right at home.

3.) You may still be in a high stress situation, although this is regarded less as a cause of stomach ulcers nowadays, my own experience indicates that it is definitely a contributing factor.

Sometimes the anxiety you may be experiencing is subtle enough to evade being recognized, like a subconscious fear that is constantly being re-stimulated.

4.) You may be a slow healer or a bleeder. This means that your blood doesn’t clot as easily, so your stomach ulcer may have a hard time healing itself.

It is said that smokers take longer to heal, seeing as nicotine deprives the body of essential nutrients crucial to the healing process.

5.) Perhaps you’re not drinking as much water as you should be. Although this is more of a general health tip, it can help to keep your digestive system running a lot more smoothly.

Although there are many medications available for stomach ulcers, few of them really address the main issues that cause stomach ulcers.

Most remedies focus on reducing the stomachs acid secretion or neutralizing it in some way or another.

This is why a lot of people who have suffered once from stomach ulcers, end up having repeat attacks.

To heal your stomach ulcer, it is necessary to treat your digestive system as a whole, and bring it into a state of optimum function.

This is not difficult to do, and for those moments when you just can’t help eating the wrong thing, just take a day or two afterwards to give yourself enough high fiber foods to balance things out.

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